1. Phil Casey

    Having an endowed chair is vital to my performance as a faculty member. It enables me to push the envelope in my research while supporting my Ph.D. students. It also encourages me to ‘give back’ to UGA with stellar teaching and long-term service and loyalty.

    Jason A. Colquitt, Ph.D., William Harry Willson Distinguished Chair, Department of Management
    Building Knowledge

    Recruit, Retain and Support Top Faculty


    Nationally prominent business schools have nationally prominent faculty. Terry seeks faculty who are leaders in their field, who change the way business leaders and other academics think about business, and who instruct and inspire students—a faculty whose collective intellects and abilities make the whole of Terry College greater than the sum of its parts. To continue to attract faculty of this caliber, Terry must be competitive with salaries as well as provide support for research, including access to databases, research assistant salaries, and travel. Endowed, named chairs/professorships, and funding for faculty support enable the dean to recruit esteemed faculty by offering additional annual support and research funds. Terry is dedicated to strengthening its faculty even further with the support dollars that the Building Terry campaign will provide.