1. Correll Hall interior, studioamd for Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLP
    Phil Casey

    It’s now my turn to give a hand up to a new generation. I was motivated to contribute to the new learning community at Terry, for the chance to make a lasting impact on those who will come along now to create future businesses and jobs and security.

    Phil Casey, BBA ’67
    Creating a Community



    Current facilities are unable to meet the needs of a 21st century business college that competes at the highest levels. Business classes have been taught in as many as 16 different buildings across the Athens campus. Terry boasts the third largest student population on campus, and our students are often forced to sit and study in hallways and wait in lines outside faculty offices in large numbers—rendering the hallways nearly impassable at times. Brooks Hall, built in 1928, and Sanford Hall, built in 1997, have long been outgrown. With the advent of Terry's new Learning Community, we will transform the educational experience for our students.

    Terry's new Learning Community will provide us with the learning environment that is commensurate to the stature of the college and to the expectations of today’s business students—and it will greatly improve students’ educational experience as well as further strengthen the Terry culture.

    Terry's new Learning Community will place the College in a prime location at the corner of Baxter and Lumpkin streets in the heart of campus. Plans call for multiple buildings which will bring classrooms, faculty offices, and meeting spaces together, creating a true learning community. Terry's new Learning Community will be designed to attain a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Phase 1, Correll Hall, will be open for classes in Fall 2015. Construction of Phase 2 will begin soon thereafter.

  2. Through Teamwork

    Terry's new Learning Community will fundamentally change the educational experience we offer students—in and out of the classroom. As is the case in the companies and organizations where they will work, Terry students do a great deal of their coursework in teams. The learning community will feature dozens of project team rooms where students will complete in-class team assignments, collaborate on projects or entries for competitions, and hold meetings of professional organizations or for service projects. The new space will be comfortable, inviting, and tailored to the collaborative way students learn today. Sections of the new facilities will be open 24 hours a day, offering students round-the-clock resources, giving them every opportunity to succeed.

  3. Through Technology

    State-of-the-art presentation technology will be prevalent throughout Terry's new Learning Community, enabling our students to shape and share their ideas in the most effective and up-to-date way possible—and preparing them to enter the workforce “technology ready.”

    Additionally, Terry's new Learning Community will enhance the student experience with rooms equipped with specialized technology:

    • trading room with Bloomberg terminals for finance students to experience as much real-time trading as possible.
    • state-of-the-art recording and editing studio for music business students to learn the hands-on skills necessary to launch careers in today’s technologically dynamic entertainment industry.
    • sales lab, a valuable training ground for marketing students to work on class presentations and practice for national competitions that ultimately prepare them for their careers.
    • business innovation laboratory (Biz Lab), a dynamic, flexible, interactive space to facilitate student creativity and innovative thinking.
  4. Through Collaboration

    Terry places a high degree of importance on the sense of family—and of belonging—that students experience both on campus and as part of our alumni network after graduation.

    Terry's new Learning Community, with its commons and meeting spaces in close proximity with faculty offices and classrooms, is designed to encourage and facilitate informal student interactions with faculty, fellow students, and practitioners. Attractive, fully equipped meeting and event spaces will make the new community an ideal place for visiting speakers, student organization meetings/professional development activities, and networking/recruiting events.

    Terry's new Learning Community will offer alumni a place to come home to as well. For more than 100 years, countless students have made lifelong friends and business connections at Terry. We welcome alumni to return to further their education; to attend or participate in lectures, panel discussions, and conferences; to help students with career counseling and networking; and to meet friends at a reception before walking to a campus event.